The Brothers, Bedoya, Cameron, and the USMNT in Miami
 Photos by Kirk Robert and Christian Gideon

Photos by Kirk Robert and Christian Gideon

In the United States, it seems we as a nation are finally discovering the beautiful game: soccer (football, futball, etc.).

As far as we Brothers are concerned, the beautiful game has been a part of our lore since we were younglings, kicking around the Bonham Road pitches. This journey continued through high school for most of us, and we’ve even found ourselves playing pickup matches on a dusty pitch in Monterrey, Mexico, a mountaintop outside Presov, Slovakia, and in the bush of Namasujju, Uganda.

Soccer is a language spoken all over the world…politicians only wish they could harness the passion of this sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat, supporter-no-matter-what sport.

So, when a incredible opportunity presented itself to join two of our USMNT favorites, Alejandro Bedoya (FC Nantes) and Geoff Cameron (Stoke City) in Miami during Copa training, the answer was a resounding YES.

First, you must know these boys are the real deal. They give their all every match, they’re committed to their families, and they know how to hit the town.

Second, while they’ve followed the B&C instagram for a while, it’s an entirely different event to connect with someone in real life. Worth it on every level, and we can’t until part two!

Third, we got the chance to adventure in and around Miami a bit, and we wanted to show you some of our stops.

So…tonight, the Copa American Centenario kicks off with the USMNT boys facing down a formidable Colombia side. We implore you to tune in, cheer loud, and follow the Copa journey. It truly is a beautiful game.