Gordon Rush: These Streets

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Charleston. A city of a thousand stories. A city whose streets have seen it all. These streets have been walked on by many, dating all the way back to the 1600's. These streets were a trading place for merchants and fine craftsman. These streets have bared the weight of war, slavery, bloodshed, and hardships. They remain in tact, learned from their past, and are stronger than ever, displaying all their beauty and soul. Today, these streets see rapid change. These streets see old and ...
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Charleston Fashion Week


Last weekend, Zac and Clay flew into town from NYC to attend the ever-growing Charleston Fashion Week (CFW). We had an unbelievable time catching up with old friends and had the priveledge making many new ones. The majority of the week was centered around women's style, but when it came time for menswear, CFW knocked it out of the park this year by bringing in featured New York City designers, Todd Snyder and Carlos Campos. Both of these gentleman not only have incredible collections, but are ...
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Charleston Wine + Food Festival


This past weekend I had the privilege of attending (and photographing) the Charleston Wine and Food Festival's (CHSWFF) 10th Anniversary. It was quite a spectacle, and honestly I was very impressed by the quality of the event and also the engagement from the attendees. Day one was cold, overcast and windy, but by Saturday, the sun was shining bright on Marion Square and the city of Charleston. One of my favorite moments from the festival was when I stopped and realized I was sipping a glass ...
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Modern Essentials


Last night we spent time with friends from GQ and H&M to celebrate the launch of H&M's Modern Essentials collection selected by David Beckham, which released today. Together, these pieces lay a foundation for the modern man to craft his wardrobe from. Here's a look at the way I styled Beckham's pieces for myself. All photographs by Mia Alvarez. ...
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We're back from Las Vegas! Fun city. Don't know how anyone could live there (does anyone, actually?). But, fun city. This PROJECT show was overwhelmingly large, much larger than the New York show. Brands piled into convention centers, pitching their product to buyers all week. Companies also pitched their product our way. And after seeing most all of it, I felt reassured that the best stuff out there doesn't seek attention. The product speaks for itself. I tried to stick with the brands I ...
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