Spit Shine Man Goods

It was almost two years ago when I discovered a new brand of men’s neck ties. I had just moved to Charleston and was attending a pop-up shop for my now-friend, Erik from J. Stark. I literally only knew a few people at this point, and didn’t know what to expect from the event. To my surprise, I walked up the stairs to the second story of a packed hair salon on King Street and was blown away by the amount of people, but more importantly, the product! Erik showcased some incredible leather goods ...
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Side Project Skateboards (SPS) is a growing brand and a name that is starting to get some well-deserved recognition, becoming a finalist in Martha Stewart's American Made award. The man behind the brand is Jake Eshelman, a hardworking, creative entrepreneur who has a knack for quality and hand made goods. SPS features vintage-style skateboards that are hand-crafted (by Jake himself) in Houston, Texas. The boards make a nice display piece for your wall, but provide an even better experience ...
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The craftsman movement going on right now is absolutely amazing. I'm starting to see a generation of people who are getting back to the basics and making things with their hands (or supporting people who do), whether it be clothes, accessories, bags, or anything really. It's encouraging to see so many people care about investing in one quality item versus having hundreds of poor quality items. Founded earlier this year by Erik Holmberg, J. Stark in Charleston, SC is no exception. From the ...
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Give an Old Necktie a Second Chance

Neckties are an essential piece of a man's wardrobe. If you don't own one, you should probably stop reading this and head to the store (or check out The Tie Bar). But if you're like most guys it's likely you already own a few. Also, if you're like many guys, you own a outdated tie (or two) that you assume you'll never wear again. It has been permanently retired to the back of drawer somewhere. But you can't bring yourself to scrap it because, well, you still love it. The only problem is that ...
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Floral Cotton Square with an Oxford?

I used to think I could only wear a pocket square when I wore a suit coat; which, if you live in Florida, you know that in the summer season you seldom wear one...resulting in not wearing a pocket square. Lately, I've actually been folding my squares all sorts of ways and wearing them with my oxford button ups. Below is a shot of me with a green striped J-Crew shirt with a folded floral cotton square (hand-made). How do you wear pocket squares? ...
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