Father’s Day

Bob Chambers - Father's Day

Fatherhood. What can we say about this gift of a journey? It's messy and glorious. Full of wonder and overwhelming odds. Throw in a bit of fear and trepidation alongside constant adventure. Today, we celebrate fathers from all over, and we'd like to introduce you to our dad, Robert. He's never been one to seek the spotlight, but after raising our oft-unruly and always rambunctious tribe of siblings, the spotlight is well-deserved. Robert Chambers (or "Pal" or G-Daddy as he's called these ...
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Nashville Evolution

James Roquemore Nashville

Here's a few shots I snapped of my friend and Nashville musician, James Roquemore a few weeks back. It was a blast shooting in Nashville, but best part was seeing our original vision evolve throughout the morning. The shoot started out as a 1950's style, white-collar worker on his lunch break, utilizing historic alleyways and brick buildings in the background. Later that morning we stumbled upon a newer, more modern building with massive stone and concrete pillars. The light was literally ...
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National Seersucker Day


Mark your calendars! June 11 is National Seersucker Day! Our friends at Haspel are relaunching their line. Haspel is the originator and inventor of the seersucker suit. In New Orleans, it was originally made by Joseph Haspel Sr. as a fun and formal remedy to the heat of the south. Rumor has it that Haspel dove into the ocean in his suiting to prove to his friends that the suit could washed and worn again even before they would go enjoy evening cocktails. Though I won't be jumping into the ...
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Vintage Caps

Vintage Baseball Hat

This spring I'm testing out some new baseball hats. I hit a home run and found a great selection from American Needle at Nordstrom. I'm loving my new Kansas City Monarchs cap, and I like the initials too (KC). Check out their diverse selection below the first picture...   Jacket courtesy of Bridge and Burn // Shirt courtesy of Grayers   ...
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Gordon Rush: These Streets

Gordon Rush Shoes

Charleston. A city of a thousand stories. A city whose streets have seen it all. These streets have been walked on by many, dating all the way back to the 1600's. These streets were a trading place for merchants and fine craftsman. These streets have bared the weight of war, slavery, bloodshed, and hardships. They remain in tact, learned from their past, and are stronger than ever, displaying all their beauty and soul. Today, these streets see rapid change. These streets see old and ...
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