Burgundy Leather Jacket – Thrift

Burgundy Leather Jacket Thrift Kirk Chambers Brothers and Craft

A couple weeks ago, I lucked out and found this leather jacket for $8 at a local thrift store in Orlando. For $8, you really can’t go wrong, but this was an exceptional buy for me because of the jacket’s versatility and unique color. There wasn't a label or name brand attached to the jacket, but I was able to find a couple items online that are similar and on sale. Check it out! Leather Jacket - (Forever 21 Mens $47, JCP $70, Asos) GAP Short Sleeve Denim Button Up - Asos $40 (Long Sleeve: ...
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$3 Suit…A Thrifty Gentleman

Thrift Shopping $3 Suit

A few weeks ago Ryan and I walked into a thrift store not really expecting to find much. After looking around for about 10 minutes I came across this dark navy blue pin-stripe, wool suit. At first glance, I was pretty impressed with the flat front pants. It did have a bit of a musty smell, but a good dry clean usually takes care of that. I tried it on without looking at the price. Surprisingly, it fit quite well. It still needed to be tailored, but I knew it had great potential. We ...
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