A Thrifty Gentleman


In our first Thrifty Gentleman post, I scored a nice wool suit for $3...yesterday wasn't as big a score, but still rewarding nonetheless. Here is an early Fall out fit centered around this $3 button up print I found at a thrift store here in Charleston. I found a few other similar shirts online: Forever 21 - $20 JACS - $30 Topman - $60 Anyone else have some good finds this week? ...
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$4 Vintage Tie Clips


A couple days ago I stopped by a local antique store here in Charleston. This particular store was pretty massive and had thousands upon thousands of pieces of inventory. I looked around the first floor for a few minutes then wandered over towards the jewelry counter. Sitting on top was a pile of mini ziplock bags with random assortments of jewels and accessories. After digging for a few seconds, I saw a bag with a couple of tie bars. I opened the bag and found these two brilliant pieces inside! ...
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Burgundy Leather Jacket – Thrift

Burgundy Leather Jacket Thrift Kirk Chambers Brothers and Craft

A couple weeks ago, I lucked out and found this leather jacket for $8 at a local thrift store in Orlando. For $8, you really can’t go wrong, but this was an exceptional buy for me because of the jacket’s versatility and unique color. There wasn't a label or name brand attached to the jacket, but I was able to find a couple items online that are similar and on sale. Check it out! Leather Jacket - (Forever 21 Mens $47, JCP $70, Asos) GAP Short Sleeve Denim Button Up - Asos $40 (Long Sleeve: ...
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Wool Textured Cardigan – Thrift

Zac Chambers Brothers and Craft Thrift Ralph Lauren Cardigan

Gents, here is an epic thrift find by Zac. He picked up this vintage Ralph Lauren Cardigan for $6 at a small town thrift store this Winter and it has been making the rest of the brothers jealous ever since! This style of cardigan became trendy again in the last few years. My favorite thing about it is the versatility. You can dress up in it or go casual (clearly Zac wears it while traveling through the land of Narnia!). These designs are still making appearances on the runway from NYC to ...
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$3 Suit…A Thrifty Gentleman

Thrift Shopping $3 Suit

A few weeks ago Ryan and I walked into a thrift store not really expecting to find much. After looking around for about 10 minutes I came across this dark navy blue pin-stripe, wool suit. At first glance, I was pretty impressed with the flat front pants. It did have a bit of a musty smell, but a good dry clean usually takes care of that. I tried it on without looking at the price. Surprisingly, it fit quite well. It still needed to be tailored, but I knew it had great potential. We ...
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