The Brothers

Brothers and Craft was formed in 2012 as a creative outlet for four dedicated brothers and best friends. While we are spread out from New York City to Orlando and our individual tastes are diverse, we each share a passion for menswear – to discover and refine our own and inspire others to do the same; a true coterie of style.

Here are a few extras about us:

  • None of us attended fashion school.
  • We don’t purport ourselves to be the final authority on men’s style. We learn as we go and like to share those insights along the way.
  • We don’t believe you have to spend a lot of money to dress well. Many of the items that we wear, we either bought on sale or thrifted. However, we do believe it is important to consider investing in pieces that are of good quality, and will last a lifetime.
  • We want your comments and insights as much as we want to offer our own.
  • Zac and Ryan live in Orlando, and Kirk lives in Charleston, SC, so some of the style might be skewed towards a warmer climate (we try to keep it fair and balanced though).
  • Our growing up years were spent in Northeast Tennessee, West Texas, and Central Florida. Zac and Ryan have lived in New York City at different times and Clay currently resides there. Experiencing different parts of the country has expanded our taste in style and given us an appreciation for the translation of style across cultures.
  • Why “Craft”? Aren’t crafts for girls? Nope. We believe channeling one’s creative strengths is important for anyone, whatever the task may be. The lady we collectively call “mom” is a master seamstress, master crafter, and creative who taught us the ethic of DIY (Do It Yourself).

Our goal isn’t to tell men how they should dress or live. We want to provide new perspectives and alternatives on menswear, culture and lifestyle that will inspire them to discover their own unique style.

Photo of Ryan Chambers

  • Content Director
  • Twitter: @RL_Chambers

  • Photography and Art Director
  • Twitter: @KirkChambers

All photos are original by Brothers and Craft, unless specified otherwise.