The Brothers

Brothers & Craft is a creative lifestyle brand, unearthing artistry through menswear, culture, and community. Since our inception in 2012, our aim has been to, through storytelling, discover exceptional design, refine our own styles, and encourage practical, thoughtful living; a true coterie of style.


As sons of a preacher, we moved around the south growing up, eventually settling in Florida. We draw our influences from the places we’ve lived, but our tastes in food, music, art, and culture are ever evolving. Our parents raised us to value relationships and hard work. This is the ethos we’ve built our brand on.

  • Brothers: We’re bound by blood. We’re a community woven tightly, pursuing the same ends: fulfillment from our labors. A brother is a friend, someone who unwaveringly walks by your side. Although, you needn’t share the same parents to have a brother, only a bond forged from loyalty and regard for one another.
  • Craftsmanship: Our roots are southern. Having lived all over the south, we’ve observed a consensus among many of its people: appreciation for quality. From the homes, to the food, to the community, people direct their efforts towards goods made with care and thought. We exude that attitude of excellence and attempt to apply it to every facet of our lives.


Our blog has only ever served as an avenue of sharing with others our evolving tastes in style. We’ve long hoped that the content we offer could transcend the norms of “style blogging” and “OOTD” trends that saturate the social media world. Menswear is only a portion of the bigger picture. We want the stories and content we share to serve as an invitation for others to buy into the things that we love, an appreciation for friendship and quality product.


Although natives of Tennessee, Kirk, Zac and Clay have lived in numerous states across the U.S., including Texas, Florida, South Carolina, New York and Colorado. Presently, Kirk lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, Bradley, and two daughters, Brooklyn and Kennedy. Zac and Clay share the same roof in Brooklyn, New York.

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